Why is television commercial rotation so irritating? The reason is Media buyers. Let's use the most recent irritating commercial, Progressive Insurance.

When an ad company gets an order to place this client's add on television. They contact a media buyer and place their order. For our purposes lets say 50, 00 thirty second spots during early fringe time.


Late afternoon prior to Prime time 7pm eastern. The media buyers then call every Station, cable channel or network and place their order for 50,000 thirty second spots. They place this same order with every television outlet. Which explains why even if you hit the last button on you remote you see the same television commercial. You see the same ads on FNC, discovery, history channel or Animal planet.


Because media buyers don't care about the viewers. They are only concerned they fill the agency's order. Another interesting fact is these television outlets don't change or update their commercial rotation .every day usually not even every month. Therefore, if you see an irritating Progressive spot at 10:28 am eastern time on Monday. Learn more about safety tech spy at www.safetytechspy.com .

Self Defense is Self defense right?


Self Defense is self defense right?  Wrong.  Improper self defense can land you on the wrong side of person injury or wrongful   death lawsuit. Always .look for products which are effective but non lethal.


Stun guns can pack the whollop of 500 thousand volts but are not lethal because their current and amperage are low. 2 million Scoville rated Pepper sprays will stop any assailant but not do permanent harm. A pool alarm can save your family from a life time of guilt and animosity toward a relative.  Safe   self defense can save your life.